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Tom with his wife Violet and his two children Witte & Toronda

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Fast Facts About Pastor Tom:

  • Tom is Kenyan and lives in Kenya with his wife and kids

  • He is a missionary to Egypt, North & South Sudan, Unganda, and Tanzania

  • God has called him to bring the good news to people who have never heard the gospel

  • He chooses to live and pastor in the Kamakowa Slums

  • Besides being a missionary and pastor, he is an administrator and professor at Kisumu Seminary

  • He travel six months out of the year living with the people groups he serves

  • He is not paid as a pastor or missionary and must rely on God and His people for support

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This is Tom's compound where he serves in the Kamakowa slums. 

The church is on the left and the elementary school is on the right. 

Tom lives here with his family when he isn't traveling for mission work.

Pastor Tom

Missionary, Pastor, Husband, Father, Professor

We are so honored to work with Pastor Tom and his family.  Besides pastoring a church that serves the Kamakowa slums (Kenya) and teaching in and administrating a seminary, Tom takes six missions trips a year to bring the gospel to the unreached in Egypt, Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania.

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