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Tom's Upcoming Missions Trips

Egypt Mission Trip Update

Tom is back from Egypt and we praise God for his safety and the amazing work God is doing in Egypt.

Tom reports that during this trip there were 346 salvation commitments, 100 baptisms, and he planted 14 new Bible Story Telling Centers (churches) to add to the existing 17 that he has already planted. While Tom was in Egypt he also discipled 231 Egyptians to aid in their growth in Christ.

We rejoice that God is making such a difference through Tom's ministry!  This trip was sponsored by Chapin Presbyterian Church for $1,600.  What an investment into the Kingdom of God!

Tom still needs support for his upcoming missions trips to Burundi in November and North Sudan in December.  Would you please consider supporting such a thriving ministry?

Egypt map.gif


August 2019



November 2019


North Sudan

December 2019

In November Tom will travel to Burundi (a country just on the other side of Lake Victoria from Kenya).  Tom is seeking to do pioneer missions  with the Twa people.  They are a minority group.  

We praise God that Chapin Presbyterian Church has given $200 of the $1,600 that is needed for this missions trip.  Please consider giving to see these people join the Kingdom of God.

Pray that God would use Tom to reach these people with the love of Jesus.

Tom will travel to North Sudan in December (Lord willing). His goal among the Fur people is to have a discipleship movement with this unreached people group.  These are marginalized people in need of the gospel.

We have not raised any of the $1,600 needed for this trip.  This will also include his trip to reach the Masalit people in Chad as well (see below). Please consider giving.

A Fur man

Tom will be ministering to the Masalit people in Chad in December.

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