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Maasai Missions

Tom traveled to Kajiado area of Kenya to minister among the Maasai people (pictured).  He trained learders there.

 Kamba Missions

Tom went to Machakos Kenya to work with the Kamba people group.  He did discipleship training. 367 people were trained. Harold, Steve and Suzanne Patterson were able to play a great role in teaching & discipleship. We praise God for their availability. 

Southern Sudan Missions

South Sudan: These people are still displaced and are still in the camps; a lot of people have run away from their homes due to the ongoing civil war. This country has been at war since 2012. Serving here has been a challenge but God has made it possible. As people move, they regroup and form bible story telling centers and churches. These refugee churches grow so fast.  I have so far seen 3,241 converts, 1,267 baptisms and 347 centers/ discipleship groups. The cost of travelling and doing ministry one trip is $1600. I do three trips in a year to south Sudan.

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