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I am absolutely privileged and honored to be part of what God is doing and how he is using me here in Cape Town. A few of the roles I have here and within my church plant is that I lead our children’s ministry. Being kids pastor is absolutely incredible. I get to teach children every Sunday about who Jesus is, but on their level. I LOVE IT. As a church plant, we basically start from the ground up. To finding a venue, to outreaching, to raising up local leaders within the city, our vision as a church is to connect anyone anywhere to a life-changing relationship with Jesus.


Alongside of church planting, I also volunteer within the local townships here in Cape Town. I am involved in a sports ministry that connects children to Jesus through life skills and sports. Each week I get to build relationships with about 40-50 children. It’s amazing to see what God does within them through sports despite their circumstances. 


All this being said, God is moving. I get to meet people each week whose lives have been changed by the power of Jesus. I am just honored to be here.


Make A True Change

Yes, I will say.. its beauty is breathtaking. But what drew me to Cape Town wasn’t actually it’ beauty but what was underneath. South Africa, specifically Cape Town, is known for its high crime, violence and the lingering effects from the infamous “apartheid.” But if you don’t know much about the history of South Africa, apartheid was a massive institutionalized racial segregation from the minority whites and majority black and colored communities. The worst part is that this only ended in the early '90's. There are still some racial and segregation effects on the people here. God broke my heart for the disunity, the violence, the hurt, and the cry of his people here. I knew God was specifically calling me to children within South Africa, that a new generation can rise up and defy the past hurt the evil one brought onto this country. He wanted me to be part of it and I couldn’t deny I was supposed to be here. 


"I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus is calling us"
Philippians 3:14 NLT



Hi everyone, I’m Bailey! If we haven’t met, I’m originally from South Carolina, but currently love in Cape Town, South Africa. My journey has been a crazy rollercoaster but all by the grace of God. I’m 21 years old and a full time “missionary”, which sounds a bit funny to me. Really I’m just chasing after my Father with all I’ve got, and listening to where he takes me. To give you a little insight as to how I got to this place, it starts about 2 years ago. 

I grew up a Christian, and lived as I would say a very mediocre walk with Jesus. Knowing he was there but no real relationship. I went through the motions of growing up and most of my time was actually focused on high level gymnastics and cheerleading. But it wasn’t until I was studying Nursing at the University of South Carolina that God was calling me to do something else. “What? God, are you serious? I’ve got it great, I’m a collegiant cheerleader, I’m going to graduate and make money and live a comfortable life, I thought we had a plan”. This was my thinking. But God said no, those are your plans and I want to take over. 

So, I took a step of faith. I signed up for a mission trip to Kampala, Uganda for 10 days. Africa had always been on my heart so I figured, why not? Little did I know, it would change the course of my life. My church partnered with a church out there called Freedom Church, who was based in the UK but planted multiple locations all over the world. It was then I realized I wanted to be part of it. Going into all the nations to tell the Good News, it excited me. I ended up signing up for their year long leadership and church planting program in the UK. That next year, I moved to Hereford, England to give God everything. He did a massive work. within my heart.  A few months before my year ended, my church announced there were going to plant a church in Cape Town, South Africa. Low and behold, I ended up moving out here for 2 years!! 



  I am currently not allowed to work here in South Africa. Therefore, any of the money that I have is from sponsorship. As I build church, specifically helping run the children’s ministry and volunteering in the local townships, sponsorships actually facilitates and releases me to do this. Any money that is given monthly allows me to actually continue to stay out here, paying for things like rent, groceries, transportation, safety and all other living expenses necessary. 

If you would like to support me, and be part of the incredible things God is doing here in South Africa, please click the link below but also would love to get in contact with you! 

To be involved in Bailey's ministry, click the link below

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Bailey Thomas

Missionary to children in 

Cape Town, South Africa

Bailey is filled with God's spirit and touches all she meets.  Besides helping to plant a church, Bailey's heart is for disadvantaged children living in the townships (slums) of Cape Town.

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