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Betsy Bonnett



He Found Me Ministries is made up of all volunteers.  Besides the many generous givers and workers, the ministry is run by Co-Directors

Betsy Bonnett & David First. 

David First




He Found Me Ministries purpose is to gather the lost, forgotten and vulnerable of Africa into the Kingdom of God by joining Americans who want to participate in what God is doing  through some amazing Kenyan missionaries. 

How we plan to accomplish our purpose is simple, see where God is working and join in (John 5:19).  We know that we cannot do anything of eternal value on our own.

Four points of emphasis:

  • We believe that God is working through our national brothers and sisters in Kenya to reach more souls  than conventional missions in many circumstances can.  They speak the language, know the culture, and this is their home.  That is why we want to partner with them to support them and join in with the amazing work that God is doing through them.

  • ALL donated money goes to our missionaries.  We do not take a percentage out for administrative expenses or salaries.

  • We believe that our Kenyan Missionaries will be as much of a blesssing to us as we are to them, so we want to provide opportunities for Americans to get to know them and their heart for God.  

  • Layers of financial accountability  are in place to ensure that the most good comes from each donation.

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